Server Virtualization & Consolidation

Lower Operational Costs. Increased Efficiency

Businesses of all sizes can gain significant improvements in efficiency, management and agility with the virtualization and consolidation of server infrastructure and storage. Corporate IT works with you to lower operating costs and increase system efficiency.

Server Saturation

Virtualization of all server workloads reached 86% in 2016

Increasing App-etite

Over 15 million apps are deployed on virtualized infrastructure

Budget Boost

75% of executives say savings from virtualization exceeded expectations

Increase Stability & Decrease Costs

Common reasons to consolidate:

Return on Investment

Decrease the need for physical hardware through consolidation and virtualization and reduce your operational costs. Virtualization allows you to dynamically allocate resources in order to achieve a reduced total cost of ownership.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery planning is necessary, but something you never hope to need. You can redistribute resources as needed to bring critical infrastructure back online without having to wait for hardware replacement or repair.

Business Continuity

Business Continuity is designed to keep you up and running when disaster strikes. Businesses can ensure that critical business processes continue to happen after a component of their infrastructure fails. This can significantly reduce the changes associated with executing a Disaster Recovery plan.

Benefits of Virtualization and Consolidation

CORPORATE IT has a long-standing partnership with leading virtualization vendors, including VMWare and Microsoft. Coupled with our award winning managed services, CORPORATE IT can take care of the burden of capacity planning and resource management, so that businesses of any size can focus on what matters.

  • Save money on energy and cooling costs
  • Reduce hardware costs and complexity
  • Reduce data center footprint
  • Experience faster server provisioning and deployment
  • Greatly reduce chances of downtime
  • Greatly improve disaster recovery planning
  • Isolate applications and services
  • Extend the life of older applications
  • Allow for easier migration to the cloud

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