Disaster Recovery

If theft, fire or a natural disaster suddenly struck your business, do you have a data backup and disaster recovery plan? Could you access your account receivables? Could you make your next payroll? With a secure data backup and recovery plan, your business could continue despite a temporary setback. Corporate IT Solutions offers the data recovery system to protect you from the disasters that can hurt your business today.

Unfortunately, the companies that believe their data is secure are a much smaller group than the companies that actually have secure backups. A few years ago file based backup solutions were in common use. But, these traditional on-site backups are outdated and needlessly put data at risk. Historically data backup methods were prone to failure. Tape backups systems suffered mechanical failures. And, as data sets got bigger, it took more and more time to get complete backups. Eventually the older methods simply could not get the data backed up in a timely manner.

TrueBDR is an image based solution that backs up your data every 60 minutes with offsite synchronization for true disaster recovery. If your server were to crash, the TrueBDR device functions as a fail-over server that will have you back in operation in less than an hour. But restoring a server from an outdated backup solution introduces unnecessary problems and delays of 48 to 72 hours to get your operations back online.